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Commitment to the environment
Miradores del Bosque, in Mar de las Pampas, has as its fundamental premise the respect for our environment . This is not just a simple phrase for us but we have generated a series of actions that, when understood by our visitors, allow us to keep in harmony with the characteristic habitat of Mar de las Pampas during the 365 days of the year.

• Using towels more than once is a life option and a great contribution to the care of Mar de las Pampas. Because reducing the laundry process also reduces the amount of chemicals that are applied for this purpose.

• Given the importance of water, it is our duty to use it properly and rationally, and thus help protect the environment.

• Collaborate with the care of Mar de las Pampas, avoiding the disposal of solid waste in the sanitary system so as not to compromise the operation of our sewage treatment plant. Remember that the units have heating that can be regulated from the administration. Avoid doing this by lighting the oven and the lighters in the kitchen as they consume oxygen, generating carbon monoxide, a lethal gas.

• NO SMOKING inside the units, which makes it possible to avoid accidents, damage to the facilities and the impregnation of tobacco smoke.

• Electric power is an essential resource in daily use. Therefore we consider that for the care of it should be used rationally.

• The vehicles 4 x 4 can only circulate in the authorized zones, in order to take care of the habitat of Mar de las Pampas.

• The complex does not admit guests with quads, motorcycles, jet ski or jet skis since we consider that they affect the harmony with the environment of Mar de las Pampas.

• Do not leave your waste on the beach or in the forest as there are appropriate places to do so.

• Do not throw cigarette butts in the forest, remember that it is carpeted with highly flammable needles.

• Prohibited the use of fireworks.

• The complex has two sewage plants for sewage treatment.

• Separation of dry and wet waste.